Privacy policy
Basic Principles

TOMORROWLAND Co., Ltd (hereinafter "the Company") considers the appropriate management of personal information relating to our customers to be an important responsibility.
For this reason, we have established the following privacy policies to ensure proper handling and safe management of all private information.
  • Whenever we request personal information from a customer, we clearly state the intended use of such information and seek the consent of the customer.
  • We will not use any personal information provided by customers for any purpose other than to provide products, services or related information of the Company.
  • Except when a customer agrees or there is a legitimate reason, customers' personal information is not at all provided or disclosed to a third party including the Company's associated company.
  • When a customer asks for the disclosure, correction, suspension of use, deletion of the personal information he/she has provided, upon confirmation that such request is made by the customer himself/herself, the request will be processed promptly within an appropriate standard.
  • In addition to compliance with governmental laws, regulations, and guidelines relevant to the protection of personal information, the Company will manage personal information provided by the customers in an appropriate and safe manner.
  • The Company may entrust a third party to handle personal information provided by the customers within the scope of the purpose of use. These third parties will be selected after a thorough review of their security standards for handling of personal information and be entered into our privacy protection agreement. We will provide necessary and proper supervision for these third parties.
  • The Company may revise the above policies. In such cases, notification of all applicable changes will be provided on this website.